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Indiana Farm Solutions was organized to provide a cutting-edge approach to farming with an old school method and belief system. Soil, in our belief, is a living breathing thing that God created for our benefit.

Legacy – a big word, but something we understand to be your desire for your farming operation. By leaving the soil better than you found it, the generations to come will benefit from the legacy you leave.

In order to have healthy soils, you must provide a favorable root zone. Nutrients that are plant-available, the right microbial activity, and oxygenated water, are vital to the health of your plants.

We want to assist you in producing a healthy and higher yielding crop by making the most of your maximum genetic potential. This is precisely why we specialize in nutrient management application and soil type testing to break down your fields into management zones. In conjunction with Maximum Farming, powered by Ag Spectrum, we will provide a “systems” approach to your farming operation. This approach is rooted in fundamental principles of proven science that depict how a plant grows, the stresses it encounters, and ways to maximize energy utilization in the plant. The Maximum Farming System, we feel, is the best system available. In everything we do, Indiana Farm Solutions is here to support you.


Adam Klingensmith


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